Rundown: Matheus Diniz vs Craig Jones (Part 1)

These 2 guys are scheduled for a No-Gi battle at Grapplefest 2 which is taking place in Liverpool this weekend.

From what I have read and seen about both of these athletes it is looking like a great match up.

As always Im not going to get on my high horse and spew technical banter at you and pretend to act like im some sort of expert about these 2 guys. Im am going to tell you a little about them both which I will cover in 3 parts.

Part 1 will give a brief overview of Craig Jones and Part 2 will cover Matheus Diniz. I will then share my prediction of who I think the winner will be and why.

Once I have seen the results I will conclude with Part 3 and I will give my version on what happened and what bits and pieces I spotted during the match. I think this could be a good idea as it is just another way of learning an absorbing more information about BJJ and the tournament element of the game. It should get the grey cells working. Your input is always welcome.

Craig Jones

Originally from Adelaide, Australia this guy has had quite a ride so far in the BJJ world. Originally it is understood that he wanted a career in the UFC but later on found that he preferred competing in BJJ.

He started out with his cousin Matt Jones at a gym called Iso Health were he trained to the rank of purple belt and was introduced to some national grappling tournaments around Australia.

Later on he travelled to Melbourne and joined Absolute MMA under the tutelage of Lachlan Giles

In 2015 he put on a great performance during the IBJJF World No-Gi Championships which he won as a purple belt and would later be awarded his brown belt. apparently about 18 months after he was awarded his black belt.

Jones has also won 2 ADCC Trials and during a his time in the ADCC finals the main match that seems to have peaked his profile is his victory over Leandro Lo which from what Ive read so far is an absolute monster with some amazing credentials and victories to his name.

Jones seems to love the leg lock game and looking at his list of victories the heel hook seems the most frequent submission recorded. Ive also spotted a few videos online from him showing tips about the heel hook game. Im not that far ahead in my BJJ journey to start playing with this sort of stuff but for those further ahead I would suggest checking them out.

He normally competes at 77kg or 88kg but i must say he looks much bigger. I suspect he more of a natural +80kg guy.

During my own research I came across a short documentary about his career to date. He seems quite grounded and actually talks more about his losses than his victories. I look forward to following his career going forward.

Below is the video I came across. Take a look and let me know what you think?

Ill drop my rundown on Matheus Diniz tomorrow.

Until then get some time on the mat!

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